BelongIBD - Better Living with Crohn’s & Colitis

A social & professional network for people living with IBD

Free and anonymous


In selected countries!

BelongIBD - Better Living with Crohn’s & Colitis

A social & professional network for people living with IBD

Free and anonymous


In selected countries!




Improving patient quality of life & quality of care worldwide,
through technology, services, data and AI

Belong IBD - Better living with Crohn’s & Colitis

Belong helps you
regain control of your life

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A Glance at Our Features

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Direct Chat with World-Renowned Professional Experts

Leading experts address questions asked
by both patients and caregivers in various
professional groups, including Gastroenterologists,
psychologist, registered dietitian, physical therapist
& a naturopathic practitioner experts who provide
patients with reliable information & education.

A Supportive & Interactive Patient Community

An attentive and supportive social network

of patients and caregivers.
The forums provide assistance and support:

users share their personal experiences, tips and information,

support one another and assist each other in coping

with daily challenges, recovery,

and the many facets of the journey.

A Supportive & Interactive Patient Community - IBD.belong
An example of IBD Features

Care Plan and Treatment Management

Leading experts address questions asked by both patients and
caregivers in various professional groups, including oncologist,
radiologic, doctors in different fields, researchers,
allied disciplines and other experts who provide
patients with reliable information & education.

Digital Medical & Knowledge Center Binder

There is no need to carry a huge binder!
All your medical records are organized

digitally in one place and can be
shared privately with family members,

friends, and medical professionals.

Digital Medical & Knowledge Center Binder - IBDbelong

Personalized Content, Updates and News Flashes

Breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)
and big data capabilities enable

personalized content and updates
as well as treatment navigation tools that provide tips and reminders every step of the way.

Our Experts

Prof. Nitsan Maharshak - IBDbelong
Prof. Nitsan Maharshak
Head of the IBD Unit and the Bacteriotherapy Clinic

Is the Head of the IBD Unit and the Bacteriotherapy Clinic and a senior physician at the Department of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases (Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel) and serves as an Associate Professor at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine (Tel Aviv University). He has published more than 90 studies in peer reviewed journals and is engaged in clinical and translational research. Prof. Maharshak completed his medical studies at the Tel Aviv University, and specialized in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. He was trained in basic research at the Immunology Department of the Weizmann Institute of Science and at the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is a member of the AGA, ECCO and IGA and has won several grants and actively participates in local and international conferences.

Dr. Yifat Yosef Lishtzinsky - BelongIBD
Dr. Yifat Yosef Lishtzinsky
A senior surgeon and in charge of the colorectal surgery field

A senior surgeon and in charge of the colorectal surgery field in Assuta Ashdod public hospital. She completed her residency in Beilenson hospital, and worked as a senior surgeon in the colorectal unit thereafter. Following her residency she completed her fellowship in colorectal surgery in ST Marks Hospital, London, UK, Which is one of the most prestige and well known colorectal hospitals in the world. During her training she operated on and treated many colorectal patients including colorectal cancer, proctology and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. She is a member the, European society of Coloproctology and European Chrohn’s and Colitis Organiztion, the Israeli Colorectal Society committee, a member of the Israeli Surgical Society. She teach and train interns and students in general surgery and participate in local and international meetings.

Dr. Roy Aloni - BelongIBD
Dr. Roy Aloni

A rehabilitation psychologist, treating adults and young patients with chronic medical conditions as well as assisting individuals in a crisis situation and traumatic events. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in treating people with chronic diseases, helping with mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and other emotional dimensions. In addition He perform a neuropsychological evaluation and understand the mutual effects of cognition and emotions. . In addition to his clinical work, he teach both at the undergraduate and graduate programs in behavioral sciences. He also research and publish scientific articles on various aspects of trauma and crisis, as well as the relationship between psychological, physiological and cognitive aspects in people living with chronic diseases.

Dr. Nathaniel Aviv Cohen - BelongIBD
Dr. Nathaniel Aviv Cohen
Specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology

Is a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. Dr Cohen completed his medical degree in South Africa before making Aliyah in 2013 and completing a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in gastroenterology at the Tel Aviv Medical Center both of which he completed with distinction.
Dr Cohen is currently in the USA for a 2-year clinical and research fellowship at the University of Chicago, a world-renowned center for the treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Dr Cohen is active academically and has published many peers reviewed articles in some of the fields leading journals and has spoken at both local and international conferences. His research interests include the gut microbiome in IBD, endoscopic management of IBD and treatment outcomes in patients on biologic and small molecule therapies.

Michal Sakal - Physiotherapist - IBDbelong
Michal Sakal

A registered physiotherapist. She has a Bachelor of Physical Therapy (B.PT) degree from Ben-Gurion University and a Master’s Degree in Health Systems Administration. Over the years, she has specialized in neurological rehabilitation and physical activity for various symptoms and diseases. As a physical therapist, she also work with people living with IBD.

Valery Martino
Naturopathic practitioner

A qualified Naturopathic practitioner N.D and a Clinical herbalist CL.H.
She specialize in the integrative treatment of Inflammatory bowel diseases.
In the last years, She support people who are dealing with intestinal diseases through physical and mental processes of lifestyle and dietary changes. The main goal of the treatment is to stabilize the digestive system, encourage recovery and prevent complications. Her approach is to blend modern scientific knowledge with traditional, natural forms of treatment.
She gained her expertise in a range of safe and effective natural practices: nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, food supplementation, lifestyle counselling, NLP, and spiritual healing.
She believes that we can heal ourselves by addressing the deep factors which trigger our disease, listening to the body and properly nourishing it.

Danielle Best Clinical Dietitian - BelongIBD
Danielle Best
Clinical Dietitian

A registered dietitian& clinical dietitian have experience working in a Bariatric Surgery clinic. She is passionate about the power of nutrition as a means of improving overall health and well-being. Over the years, a lot of research has shown the importance of nutrition in many different conditions and chronic diseases. In the case of IBDs, the right nutrition can dramatically improve common side effects and digestive problems and can improve overall health and well-being. The topic of nutrition can be confusing due to the differing recommendations found online.


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“I’m Really happy to find an app that can be consulted and managed the disease in”

Belong IBD - Better living with Crohn’s & Colitis
Eli B.

“A safe place to share difficulties and how to cope. A place where you can learn about gut problems from professional, and experienced people.”

Brandy Y.

“Suddenly you are not alone, there are many more like you”

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“You are in the right place. Support and drive each other. Understand the difficulty and the challenges”

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“So much information and support. Aspire”

Adi B.

“When you need professional answers or support – this is the place to go”

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