Crohn's Disease& Pain

If you experience pain while living with Crohn’s disease (CD), you are not alone. Many patients with CD experience overwhelming pain daily, to the point that it may feel as if it has the power to run their life.

Pain is derived from multiple sources inside and outside the gut. Strictures, adhesions, fistulas, small intestinal-bacterial-overgrowth, food-related issues, and pain following surgery are some examples. Some people also experience extraintestinal pain sources, like joint pain, eye pain, or painful skin rashes. 

Since pain can negatively affect every aspect of life, managing pain is imperative.

The first step is to discuss the issue with your healthcare team to diagnose the source of pain and treat it accordingly.

The most obvious reason for pain occurring during a flareup is when there is severe inflammation in the gut. Alleviating the pain requires getting the inflammation under control. If the cause of pain is in your diet, you should monitor what you consume to identify what might produce gas and pain.

Various approaches to treating pain in CD include traditional medications, psychosocial, and complementary therapies. Lastly, light aerobic exercise and yoga have been shown to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve quality of life.

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