Crohn's Disease & Sexuality

People with Crohn’s disease (CD) might encounter sexual issues that originate from the disease’s physical, emotional, and other clinical aspects or treatment.

CD can affect sexuality directly or indirectly and negatively impact the quality of life.

Impairments in sexual functioning can be attributed to CD-related symptoms, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fear of fecal incontinence, and fatigue. Some people with CD struggle with low body image and may feel embarrassed about surgical scars or having a stoma.

Both males and females with CD may experience arousal and orgasm problems or decreased sexual satisfaction. They might also experience reduced desire, lower sexual pleasure, and relationship issues.

The most common complaints among women with CD include decreased ability to reach orgasm and pain during penetration. Men with CD may experience erections and ejaculation problems.

Although most people feel embarrassed raising the topic of sexuality with the healthcare team, it is essential to discuss it. The doctor, nurse, or sex therapist might have helpful suggestions to alleviate physical discomfort, treat erectile dysfunction, or recommend further evaluation and treatment if needed.

Don’t let Crohn’s disease take intimacy, sex, and relationship from you. You can have it all!

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